You are a politician who lost his notes and needs to improvise his speech in a town with common political views.

Tell the people what they want to hear! Then slander everything else!

Pander to your crowd, but be careful not to endorse unpopular agendas. Don't worry about morality, just get those votes!

Remember to backtrack on an issue if people don't like what your saying, and believe in the persuasive power of great hair!

When you've gained the support of a citizen they will hold up a sign explicitly stating their favorite policy. Get 10 citizens to hold their signs up and you win.

A Fiero Interactive prototype game done quick, leave a comment down there to let us know if we should work more on this project.

Made withUnity
Tags2D, pander, pixel, Pixel Art, policy, politics, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


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Cool and funny game but there are some graphics issues. Like people are not square and shadow need to be more like oval. And red part of the stand where speeker standing is just circle with square(?) parts

Thanks for the feedback! We'll need to do some polishing to the graphics if we decide to revisit this prototype :)